50 Years

From 1965 to Now….. 50 Years!
A Tribute To Mr. David Ashpaugh

Being in business for 50 years is a great accomplishment. Being in business as a second generation family owned enterprise is amazing! In May, 1965 Dave Ashpaugh started the company in Westfield, Indiana. Still in Westfield, this electrical service, installation and repair company is setting the stage for the next 50 years. Founded on faith, Dave Ashpaugh believes that the business model was to be ethically focused. His son, Brian continues that philosophy. Now celebrating their 50th year, both father and son are proud to be a part of the community, serving the residents and their faith.

The photos in this gallery represent some wonderful moments of David Ashpaugh. We celebrate his 50 years in business and wish him continuing years of happiness and prosperity .

And to show you how things have changed….

Back in 1965….

  • An average gallon of milk costs $ .95 cents
  • First Class Postage was $ .05 cents
  • Average price of gallon of gas $ .35 cents
  • President of The United States : Lyndon B. Johnson
  • The Dow Jones Index reported High : 969
  • The Average Price of a New Home : $21,500.00


Here are a few very cool facts about Ashpaugh Electric!*

  • Ashpaugh Electric has serviced over 156,000 service requests.
  • Ashpaugh Electric is a local company- employing over 120 people during the 50 years in business.
  • Ashpaugh Electric has logged over 7 million fleet miles in service, repair and installation.
  • Ashpaugh Electric has purchased over 13 million feet of electrical wiring.
  • Ashpaugh Electric has placed over 325,000 electrical outlets.
  • Ashpaugh Electric has taken over 195,000 phone calls for service and repair.




* These fun facts are estimates only.

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