Safety Maintenance

Safety Maintenance Program

Ashpaugh Electric offers a unique program to protect your investments. The Safety Maintenance Agreement provides a valuable service by offering discounts on on-going repairs of your electrical system as well as establishing a priority on service related issues.

  • 10% Discount on Repairs of Your Electrical System
  • Complete, professional Inspections Between 8:00am and 3pm M-F
  • Priority Service
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Improved Occupant Safety
  • Safer, More Reliable Appliance Operations
  • Lower Energy Bills Through More Efficient Operation
  • Longer Lasting Electrical System Components


On a scheduled annual basis we will visit your location and perform some of these precision electrical inspections:

  • Test Electrical Panel
  • Test All Breakers
  • Tighten & Retorque All Panels Lugs
  • Visual Inspection of Electrical Bus Bars
  • Perform Electrical Analysis of All Outlets with Computerized Equipment
  • Visual Inspection of All Components & Available Wiring
  • Test Switch Operations
  • Check Grounding to House
  • Check Incoming Voltage
  • Check Total Working Amperage
  • Check GFCI Outlets and Performance
  • Check ARC Fault Protection ( If installed )
  • Perform Thermal Inspection of Electrical Panel for Hotspots
  • Test all 120v/9v Smoke Detectors
  • Electrical Load test HVAC
  • Document Any Deficiencies

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